About CMake Converter

CMake Converter is an open source software written in Python under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License .

This application is for developers and integrators who want to automate the creation of CMakeLists.txt for their compilations, from Visual Studio’s vcxproj files.


CMake Converter converts your vcxproj file into CMakeLists.txt. He adds all the contained data such as compilation Flags, project targets, project dependencies, outputs of the produced binaries and more.

Release cycle

CMake Converter has no strict schedule for releasing.

Other features will come in the next versions and you can propose new features through project issues. Each feature is discussed in a separate issue.

About CMake

In this documentation, you’ll find some reminders about CMake and how the script handles your project’s data inside. For example, how the generated CMakeLists.txt manage dependencies.

But a minimum of knowledge on CMake is recommended !